About Us

Goldtech was founded by Stan Goldsack as a result of his varied experience in the joinery and building industries.

Tried and Trusted for Years

With 12 years experience in the joinery industry, Stan learned how to make things right. Through this time he used a wide range of products. However, MitreBond became his product of choice for strength and reliability.

Stan moved on to work in the building industry and continued to use MitreBond in many ways in his professional life.

New Zealand Wide

When the opportunity to take over the New Zealand wide distribution of the MitreBond and Colourfil product ranges arose Stan took it with both hands. Knowing and using the product for many years, Stan knew that the range would work well for many different customers in the building and joinery industries.

As the official distributor of Unika products in New Zealand, we have the full back up and support of Unika Innovations in the UK.

If you would like to know more about us or our product range, please call.