Combination Hinge And Lock Jig

Combination Hinge And Lock Jig

Combi Hinge and Lock Jig

New 2 in 1 Jig that will cut Door Hinges and Locks in one.

Uses a 12.7mm cutter and 16mm guide bush
Single piece jig ensures level operating, quick set up and no pieces will get lost.
Incorporates bradawl pin fixings for extra stability
Each Jig comes with a tough jig carry case

For Locks:

Self Centring with the use of elongated securing clamps
Deep mortises can be achieved with a suitable size of auger bit.
Produces quick, clean and accurate results on door (including hardwood) 34mm to 58mm thick.

For Hinges:

The hinge recess is adjustable with a minimum distance of 5mm and a maximum of 60mm.
The jig will recess hinges to a minimum distance of 176mm (to the centre of the hinge) from the top and bottom edge of the door. This is in accordance with BS EN 1935.

Cuts Hinges: Cuts 102mm and 76mm Hinge sizes in doors and door frames.

Cuts Locks: Cuts mortise and face plate recesses for popular door locks.