Solid Wood Benchtop Cleaners

Solid Wood Benchtop Cleaners

Key Features:

  • Ready to use specialist spray cleaner
  • pH7 Neutral means there will be no surface cleaner build up
  • Non foaming and does not leave smears
  • Cleans worktop safely - non hazardous
  • Biodegradable and solvent free Unika Solid Wood Worktop Cleaner is a ready to use specially formulated pH7 Neutral Cleaner. It will remove light grease, fat, cooking stains, food residue etc.

It is important to use pH7 Neutral Cleaner on solid wood worktops because it stops a grey soap film (left by multipurpose cleaners) building up on the surface of the wood. The grey soap film stains the wood and it can be difficult to remove.

Directions for Use:

Spray onto worktop and wipe off with a clean cloth.


Damage may occur to wood surfaces subjected to excessive moisture/water. Rule of thumb: 5-10 minutes after the wash, the surface must be dry or too much water has been used.

Consumer Benefits:

Ready to use spray cleaner designed to give the best cleaning for Solid Wood Worktops.

Portable Document Format (PDF)Solid Wood Worktop Cleaner safety sheet (113kb)

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