ColorFill colours have been specifically developed to match the most popular brands of laminate including plain colours, woodgrains, and patterned finishes.

In fact, Unika has a colour to match almost every worktop finish.

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ColorFill has been scientifically formulated and tested to resist moisture, detergent and other household products as efficiently as the laminate and will withstand heat and direct sunlight. However, we recommend that hot pans and dishes from the oven should not be placed over joints. ColorFill requires no mixing, is easy to apply, and is available in handy sized 25g tubes sufficient for one worktop joint.


ColorFill is 100% Waterproof - no amount of water will break ColorFill down.

This makes ColorFill perfect for Laminate Worktop Joints.
We are more than happy for you test ColorFill’s waterproof properties.

Now that’s what you need in a Worktop Joint!

Technical Test:

Squeeze out a liberal amount of ColorFill onto a laminate offcut
Wait for it to dry – leave for 24 hours
Place ColorFill in a glass of water and leave there for as long as you like from a day to a year!


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