TopSeal is a Colour matched Backsplash and Upstand Sealant that is high strength, waterproof, and flexible. It bonds and seals at the same time.

TopSeal adheres to all surfaces including Granite, Quartz, Laminate, Stainless Steel, Glass and many others.

Key Benefits of TopSeal

  • TopSeal is an excellent gap filler and has little shrinkage
  • Waterproof and flexible once cured
  • 10 – 15 minutes open time
  • Excellent bond strength. Use to secure Upstands and Backsplashes in place
  • UV Stable
  • Easy to apply in all conditions
  • Bonds even to humid surfaces
  • Top Seal is environmentally friendly. It contains no solvents or other hazardous materials. This means there is no smell, no fumes and it is non toxic
  • Fast cure even at low temperatures
  • TopSeal does not stain. It does not bleed on granite or other porous surfaces
  • TopSeal has a 12 month shelf life (unopened)

Portable Document Format (PDF)Topseal Black safety sheet (92kb)
Portable Document Format (PDF)TopSeal
Download TopSeal information sheet (1.49mb)

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Directions for use:

  • Ensure area to be sealed is dry and free from dust and grease
  • Apply an even bead of TopSeal along the area to be finished and smooth using a smoothing tool or soft scraper
  • Clean up with Acetone or another solvent. Allow to cure for 24 hours before use

Retailer Opportunity:
  • TopSeal can be sold with all kitchen installations
  • As TopSeal has excellent grab and gap filling properties it is much more suitable for Backsplashes and Upstands

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